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Guidance on working with contractors

Some useful questions to ask contractors before appointing them.


NCC Environment Service have previously decided that we will not charge for provision of advice and briefs for church-related works carried out in Norwich Diocese under Faculty (except in very complex cases or where planning permission is also required). However, a requirement of this arrangement is that archaeological work on churches should be undertaken in accordance with the current Standards for Development-Led Archaeological Projects in Norfolk. The Standards require that projects are undertaken by companies that are Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Registered Organisations or, for sole-traders, individuals who have full Member-grade CIFA membership. These requirements are included to ensure that all development-led archaeological work carried out in the county is of the highest quality and that standards are enforceable. A fee may now be payable for major projects.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the requirements please do not hesitate to contact us


Health and safety is an important area for all churches and we recognise the need for guidance. The websites below offer much of this information.  

    The Church of England website which includes guidance notes for specific areas, including everything from sewage, bells, windows and wiring.
    An independent site with a good range of guidance on health and safety issues, such as risk assessment, fire safety, food hygiene and codes of best practice.
    Ecclesiastical Insurance (who provide church insurance) have guidance notes on church health and safety on their site, and their Insurance Consultants & Surveyors conduct seminars for parishes.
    The Health & Safety Commission is responsible for health and safety regulation in Great Britain, and the Health & Safety Executive and local government are the enforcing authorities. You can read legislation on their site.

Some helpful guidance notes can also be found at

Faculty Jurisdiction Legislation - Resources and guidance

Diocesan Records

Norfolk Record Office hold records of behalf of the Diocese of Norwich. For a detailed list of the records visit their website at