Planning permission

The faculty jurisdiction enables the Church to deal with consents for repairs and alterations which would, in the case of secular listed buildings and land, require listed building consent.

Normally therefore, once a faculty has been obtained, it is not necessary to obtain listed building consent for works to consecrated buildings or land.

However there are still some cases where a planning permission will be required in addition to a faculty. This is generally the case where ‘operational development’ is proposed. Examples include

  • The construction of a new church
  • Extension to an existing church
  • Demolition of part or all of an existing church building
  • Works which are likely to materially affect the exterior appearance of a church or its environs

Where planning permission is necessary, the Chancellor will normally require this to have been obtained, at least as an outline permission, before the Petition is lodged for the grant of the Faculty. For advice about whether planning permission may be required in addition to a Faculty, please consult the DAC Secretary or the Diocesan Registrar, or the relevant local authority planning department.