National Amenity Societies

In addition to English Heritage, there are a number of other bodies with expertise and interest in church buildings and their heritage.

Where works are proposed to a listed church, the appropriate National Amenity Society will need to be consulted, and their response should be submitted with the faculty application papers to the DAC. Note that several Societies may have an interest, e.g. where a mediaeval church contains Victorian fittings.

The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules require the relevant Amenity Society or Societies to be consulted before the Chancellor considers the faculty petition. Many parishes leave this consultation until late in the faculty process, often after the DAC has issued its advice on the works proposed. By that time it is often too late to take proper account of the views of the Amenity Society. Parishes are therefore encouraged to consult with Amenity Societies at an early stage, either before or during the consultation with the DAC. This enables the Societies’ views to be taken into account as the proposals are being developed, and also means that delay is avoided after the DAC has issued its Notification of Advice.