Completion of works

The works permitted by Faculty must be completed within the time specified by the Chancellor on the faculty certificate.

Petitioners must complete the ‘Certificate of Completion’, when the work authorised by the faculty has been completed.

If you made the faculty application via the Online Faculty System then please complete the Certificate of Practical Completion that is linked to your application.  This will also have the effect of closing your online faculty application and if you do not do this you may receive email reminders about it.

If you will not be able to complete the works within the specified time you can apply to the Chancellor for an extension of time.  The Petitioner will need to email the Diocesan Registry Clerk with an explanation of what stage the work has reached, what remains to be done, the reason for the delay and how much time is needed to complete the works.

The Petitioner must apply for an extension no later than 14 days before the expiry of the faculty, otherwise a new faculty may have to be applied for.  Please refer to the Practice Direction issued by the Chancellor on 12th August 2022 for clarification: CONSISTORY NOR PD 12.08.2022