Apply online for a Faculty or List B approval

Faculties should be applied for online using the Online Faculty System, where electronic copies of supporting documents such as plans, drawings, consultations and the PCC Resolution can also be uploaded.

Your church architect or the DAC may be able to assist with this if you do not have the facility to upload electronic copies of documents.

To apply online for a faculty you will need to be registered to use the Online Faculty System (OFS). To start your application go to the Online Faculty Home Page.

Enquiries about using the Online Faculty System or individual applications may be addressed to the DAC.

You can also use the Online Faculty System to apply for approval by your Archdeacon of works falling within List B in the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, as amended in The Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019. Lists A and B from 1 April 2020 and CONSISTORY NOR AMO 05.11.20.