Architects, surveyors & quinquennial inspections

Information about quinquennial inspections and choosing an architect or surveyor.

Choosing a new church architect or surveyor

There may be many reasons for wishing to choose a new church architect or surveyor. Whatever these are, the PCC will wish to make an informed choice so that the church building is kept in good repair as inexpensively as possible.  For this a knowledgeable professional adviser is required with whom you can build a relationship of mutual trust and understanding.  This is also an opportunity to appoint one of the newcomers amongst those approved to undertake inspections who all have excellent qualifications and experience.

A number of architects and surveyors have been approved in this diocese to carry out quinquennial inspections on church buildings and their details can be downloaded using the link below. It is usually a good idea to pick three to interview so that a decision can be made on who will be the best person for the job of looking after your church.   Do make sure that each applicant has a chance to look at your building, and ask them specific questions related to your particular church and its situation.

Once a new architect  or surveyor has been chosen by the PCC, a formal Letter of Appointment should be written to them and then, as soon as they have accepted the appointment, inform the existing church architect/surveyor, explaining that you have now chosen a different professional adviser and thanking him/her for work carried out in the past.  Finally, the Care of Churches Office (DAC) MUST be informed of the change of architect so that your parish record can be amended.