Authorised Worship Assistants

An Authorised Worship Assistant (AWA) is, within his or her own benefice, able to assist the incumbent with the Ministry of the Word and in conducting worship.

The Bishop of Thetford writes:

It has been hugely encouraging seeing the numbers and quality of those who have undertaken ministry as AWAs. We have had over 150 people authorised across the diocese. Some have simply served for a three year period, others have had their authorisation renewed, and for some, ministry as an AWA has set them on a path to LLM or ordained ministry. There is much to give thanks for in these first years of this new way of encouraging the ministry of all God’s people. Thanks go also to all those who have supported our AWAs both in terms of training and in prayerful encouragement.

+ Alan Thetford

Who to contact

Authorised Worship Assistant Co ordinator
Revd Susan Hemsley Halls
01508 528326

Booklets & documents to download

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