An Anna Chaplain at work

Published on: 2 December 2021

The octogenarian Anna comes onto the stage on Wednesday.

With Simeon, she recognises the child Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah. Luke describes a faithful, prayerful, hopeful woman (2.36-8), attributes which inspire our own new Anna Chaplains commissioned last October. One of them was Margaret Blackshaw (pictured), from St Stephen’s Church, Norwich.

An older lady – let’s call her ‘Brenda’ – also from St Stephen’s, well-supported by family but living alone, greatly valued Margaret’s ministry throughout the pandemic. She loved it when Margaret phoned and gave her time and a listening ear. During one lockdown, Brenda fell and spent weeks in hospital. After that, back in her flat but still incapacitated, Margaret’s phone calls became even more important. Brenda could off-load, share her story, be heard.

Lockdown over, Margaret visited Brenda’s flat in person and the two women gratefully prayed together, recognising God’s care and goodness at work in their phone calls.

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