Praying for dads

Published on: 22 May 2023

Wisdom around internet access and how to handle the cultural issues of our time were the first things that Chris asked us to pray for.

Chris says “We tend to make it up as we go along, but it matters how we handle interactions with our children, particularly regarding identity and gender. We need wisdom as to when, and what level, we guide or intervene or instruct, and to what extent too”.

Chatting with other dads Chris also finds he’s not alone in wanting to be more patient as a dad and prays the fruits of the Spirit are evident in himself, praying for gentleness and self-control. Above all he asks that we pray he can share Jesus through the week, not just Sundays. “It’s quite a big thing and hard if you are a new Christian – the Devil can make it seem a bit awkward – but sharing Jesus in everyday life is so important.”

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