Being found by God in prison

Published on: 22 May 2023

"Prison is often a lonely place, not least in the noise and bustle of a busy wing"

The Revd Patrick Morrow, Chaplain at HMP Wayland, writes “When all is bleak and lost, Christ the Good Shepherd comes for his own. That’s us. I think of one prisoner, a prolific self-harmer. I first met him when he was newly back from hospital after a bad but typical episode. He was already a spiritual seeker and picked up a Bible. Something shifted for him. Then he was a spinning wheel of energy and enthusiasm. For some weeks, he thought he was to be the saviour of our generation, a healer. But the drama dispersed. I knew something real had happened when he told me he wanted to come to chapel just to be a Christian, among others. Loneliness gave way to the connection of serving. No chaplaincy plan brought this about. The Good Shepherd revealed himself.

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