Praying for Secondary School students

Published on: 24 February 2022

George is a GCSE student in a large school.

“I pray in my head, finding somewhere quiet, library or playing fields… Praying helps when I am having a stressful day or exams, or loads of homework. Then I feel confident, have a clear head.”

It is not easy being a Christian in school: there is no Christian Union and probably just one other Christian in his year group. However, all students study GCSE RE and Citizenship and George found the module on the Kingdom of God helpful; he had freedom to talk and it was nice when they listened. The Kindness Club has also been great, and students can offload their sadness and send postcards to students isolating with Covid.

Academically, it has been so tough having to learn concepts, such as electromagnetism, in three lessons instead of 12. Revision is a misnomer as they are learning new things from scratch.

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