Opening the Word across the generations

Published on: 22 August 2022

“Retirement was looming, and I needed a project with purpose and a sense of mission,” explains Irene Nicholson.

A flyer about Open the Book appeared at Hopton Primary school. This lively act of collective worship with a script and Bible stories, with quiet time for reflection and all-inclusive prayer is taken into school by groups of people from any local church. “That was 13 years ago!” reflects Irene. “Now two of us form the team together with the children who create the picture for the story and help to lead the worship.

“One light-bulb moment was when I monitored the worship as a foundation governor and asked a little boy what he thought about our telling of the story of The Good Shepherd. He said: ‘I was the shepherd in that Open the Book story. It made me feel protected because Jesus will look after all of his sheep.’ What a privilege!”

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The calling of a Warden

Ian Newton is the sole Churchwarden of St Andrew’s Field Dalling, part of a multi-parish benefice in rural North Norfolk.


A journey of ‘becoming’

The calling to Licensed Lay Ministry in the Church of England is a distinctive one.


A space to wrestle and belong

By lunchtime on the day we meet, the Revd Jack Branford has already had his regular meeting with the Headmaster, taught a Year 10 RE lesson and visited the bereaved family with whom he’s planning the funeral of a parent.


Hospitality and home

“Jesus’ invitation of relationship is based on a metaphor of hospitality,” says Anna Lloyd, quoting Revelation 3:20: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person.”


It’s never too late…

“Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised," reflects Elizabeth Hargest who was commissioned as an Authorised Worship Assistant (AWA) just last year, “because leading worship is in my DNA.”


“Oh God, where are we going today?”

Licensed Lay Worker Carrie Sant’s calling begins by seeking to offer her days to God and to be available where a need is revealed, then stepping out in faith, asking God to lead in filling the gap.


Discerning the way forward

In 2018, Ashley Hobbs came to Norwich to explore God’s call on her life.


Walking with those in grief

“I didn’t feel called to work for TimeNorfolk,” says Lindsey Nettleton, “It felt more of a timely push through an open door!


Becoming aware

In 2016 Blessing Chishanu, having grown up in Zimbabwe and studied theology in Namibia, had a call to serve the church in Lowestoft.


Called to creation care

Eleven-year-old Madeleine Humphries from Norwich has always been interested in protecting nature.


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