Zoom room prayer

Published on: 6 September 2021

Internet technology has brought us the blessing of gathering in prayer online, enabling people to respond in the fellowship of others, whatever our circumstances.

At the height of the second wave of the pandemic, healthcare chaplain Helen Garrard organised weekly ‘Prayer for Care’ vigils, lifting our NHS acute and community services and surrounding them in prayer. It was a powerful experience which bore witness to the situation at that time. Each hour was marked by a psalm and prayer and the time in between filled with silent and sometimes spoken words of devotion.

Throughout the pandemic and beyond, first one and then two 30-minute midweek zoom prayer rooms have opened at Holy Trinity, Norwich, one early morning (7:15am) and one mid-morning (10am). Again, a psalm or other verses are used as a focus and the groups gather in fellowship, interceding for the church and the world.

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