Building for the future in Gorleston

Author: Geoff Freeman

Published on: 10 March 2016

Those who live in the east of the Diocese and travel through Gorleston have seen the magnificent church of St Andrew’s towering above the other buildings.

In the churchyard is the much loved and well used iconic building, the Chapter House, built in the 1970’s. It has served both the community and the church well, with both buildings connected; it is an independent and integral part of the church as well as a stand-alone function centre.

The Chapter House has been used for numerous events, concerts, worship and by the wider community. However the PCC feels moved to look at improving the functionality of the building by improving the kitchen and toilet facilities as well as the addition of extra meeting rooms and storage space.

The Chapter House was built to the standards of the time. Forty-five years later it is in need of updating and modernisation. Thankfully building standards are now more stringent with insulation and energy standards saving either on heating and lighting being vastly improved.

The PCC also sees that additional facilities are required to accommodate those groups who use the building.

During 2016, the PCC will be exploring ways to turn these ideas and requirements into firm plans to enable them to fund what will be an important and worth-while project.

Geoff Freeman writes:

“I feel lucky to have been involved with the PCC and the fabric group since the start of the project.

“Much thought and hard work has gone into getting a clear understanding of what is required of the new building but having to work with the constraints of the present structure.

“In many ways a project like this requires a well thought out brief. Adapting/renovating a building is far harder than starting from scratch with a plain canvas. “The parish has now I feel a clear idea of the project and shortly they will be inviting architects to look at the brief and also ask them for their suggestions on how to achieve the desired outcome. All too often we do not allow the architect to use their extensive understanding of design to make suggestions on how we best achieve this.

“The parish is currently in interregnum (many of you will know the work and commitment that brings for the Churchwardens and PCC) – a new priest arrives in March and with their help they now look to take this project forward.”

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Geoff Freeman

Parish Funding Support Officer

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