A Parish Stewardship Health Checklist

Published on: 12 February 2015

Have you prepared a budget showing your expected income and expenditure for the coming year, and communicated it to the PCC, congregation(s) and wider church family/parishioners?

Here are some top tips:

  • Keep a copy on the noticeboard and for the parish magazine
  • Confirm dates in the parish diary for the annual Parish Gift Day
  • Plan your annual Parish Stewardship Sunday
  • At the year-end write to your regular planned givers thanking them for their donations and if applicable confirming the amount on which you will be reclaiming tax (helpful when filling in your personal tax return)
  • Check Gift Aid envelopes are available with pens for occasional donations not eligible under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS)
  • Ensure that at each PCC Meeting there is a full finance report on the progress for the year to date
  • Encourage the involvement of others other than the PCC to take an interest in the finances of the church
  • Organise a time for the whole church family to see how they feel they are responding to what God Gives them in the giving back of their time, talents abilities and possessions
  • Does your leadership team preach on Christian giving and encourage people to review what they give and make their giving regular?

Please go through the above and if you can tick them all then that’s great – you are already doing a good job; if only a few less then maybe it’s time to discuss stewardship within the parish; if not many then let’s get together and see how I can help. My contact details are to the left.

Geoff Freeman

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