How much is your church hall worth?

Author: Mr Alan Cole

Published on: 14 May 2021

Many churches in the Diocese of Norwich also have separate church halls which provide space for holding social events and which are often made available for use by the wider community.

Although there are some fine examples of modern church halls, many are over one hundred years old and were either purpose-built structures or repurposed from other buildings such as schools. The facilities provided by these older halls often no longer meet the expectations of users and many require extensive renovation and repair. The cost of this work can be a major financial burden on the PCC as it is usually combined with maintaining a medieval church, which tends to take priority resulting in the church hall deteriorating further. In recent years PCCs have been looking at their church halls as a potential asset that could be sold, with the proceeds used to assist with the cost of repair and improvement works at their churches.

Spire Property Consultants has been involved in several such schemes, helping PCCs to maximise the value of
sites by obtaining planning permissions for conversion and/ or redevelopment, often for residential use. These applications can appear quite daunting with the need to produce building plans and elevation drawings, design and heritage statements and the like, along with the procurement of specialist reports such as arboricultural
impact assessments, flood risk assessments and protected species surveys; all of which the Spire professionals are able to organise and arrange. In addition, Spire is able to provide professional asset management advice on the valuation of your building and then arrange the best method of sale to maximise the value and sale proceeds of the building.

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Mr Alan Cole

Director of Property Services

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