Community Library in a Nissen Hut

Author: Mary Vacca

Published on: 13 June 2019

In 2005 the church here in Sea Palling decided to upgrade a WW2 Nissen Hut to use for all manner of events.

It provides a venue for sales and exhibitions, children’s parties, strawberry teas for the local residential home, Harvest lunches and United PCC suppers etc.

For some time we have felt that as we were given so many beautiful books we should put them to better use that just selling them. Sea Palling is four-and-a-half miles from the nearest public library and the transport system is not very frequent. The mobile library visits once a month but only stays for twenty minutes. It was felt that a community library would be the very thing to make the best use of all these gifts and hopefully enhance the lives of the residents. We have been very lucky in that a member of the congregation has taken on the task of arranging something in the region of 4,000 books. Donations of numerous book cases and other pieces of furniture, armchairs and rugs, make for a welcoming atmosphere. Coffee and biscuits are available and there are plans to start serving breakfasts on a trial basis. This is turning into quite a sociable meeting place. The library is open every Saturday morning and one other day during the month.

There is a rota of “librarians” and also willing hands to help when we need to rearrange the library to accommodate other events.

There is a small charge to borrow the books and this income goes towards maintaining the building.

As with everything here, things start off slowly but the number of borrowers is gradually increasing. We hope that this small community will enjoy this new facility.

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Mary Vacca

Churchwarden, Sea Palling (Parish)

Beach Road
NR12 0AL

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