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Published on: 8 March 2019

The Children, Youth & Families (CYF) Task Force is currently comprised of fourteen members from around the Diocese representing key projects and specific areas of ministry relating to children, young people and families e.g. Schools and Mission Work, Open the Book, Under 5’s.

Each member is passionate about what they do; bringing updates on local and national initiatives as well as contributing to networking and delivery of events. This knowledge and expertise is an asset to the Diocese and with the support of the CYF team, the Task Force members are keen to champion, assist and see similar ministries and projects take root and flourish in other contexts across the Diocese.

In summer 2018, Jan Gwyn from Cliff Park Community Church in Gorleston had the opportunity to deliver the CAP Money Kids Course at Cliff Park Junior School. In need of an extra coach and resources, the CYF team put Jan in touch with Maryanne Richardson from the Task Force who is an advocate of CAP’s work and CAP Money trained.

Jan says:

“Maryanne was extremely helpful when we were setting up our resource boxes ready to deliver CAP Kids. Her years of experience running this course herself furnished us with valuable top tips! We were desperate for a third coach to enable us to deliver the course to all three Y5 classes at the same time and Maryanne stepped in to help us and we were very grateful.” Maryanne says: “It was great to meet the team from Cliff Park and contribute to the preparation and training for these lessons. Jan and her team have such a heart to serve the school and community, it was a joy to join them in school to deliver this vital resource! Personally, it highlights the need for children to be equipped with these basic money management skills, if we want to see the statistics associated with ‘problem debt’ reduced across our county. We the ‘Church’ have the tools to help bring about this change!”

In order to make it easier for people to connect with these ‘CYF Champions’ for advice, support and direction, a new list has been produced on the Diocese website:

To know more about a project or have an initial conversation, please contact a champion or speak to the CYF team on 01603 882335.

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