Summertime and the upkeep is easy

Author: Mrs Marleen Madinda

Published on: 30 March 2018

With the summer approaching and the days being longer and lighter, we want our churches to look their best.

Here are some practical and useful steps for you to keep your church safe, welcoming and looking good for the regular worshipping community and for people who come and visit.

  • Rainwater goods – make sure the gutters, down pipes and gullies are clear for the occasional summer storm, so that water discharges freely. Try also to check for leaks, both on the gutters outside and on the roof covering inside. Use this time to overhaul rainwater goods where needed, with a lick of paint or to fasten a bracket
  • Everything grows a little faster in the summer, so make sure you keep any plant growth near and around the base of the walls within limits and keep the drainage channel free from plants
  • Inspect your windows, replace broken glass, add putty if needed, check lead cames and wire ties for signs of damage. Also make sure the condensation drainage channels and hoer for the windows are cleaned
  • Now is the time to have the boiler serviced, radiators checked and make sure everything is working
  • On dry and sunny days ventilate your church, using ventilators which are in the church and make sure that any air bricks or under floor ventilators are free from dirt and clean if necessary
  • Check your woodwork in windows, doors, fascias and barge boards for cracks or rotten wood, and redecorate if required
  • Lubricate door and window hinges and check if locks are still smoothly operable
  • Check roof and floor voids for any debris and/or dead animals and remove those. But make sure you won’t disturb a possible bat population
  • Safety first, make sure that when you maintain your building you do it safely. Ladders, lofts and roofs can present dangerous situations. Don’t work alone, but work together keeping one another safe. Follow safety instructions and involve more people from your church to share the load and use one another’s expertise in maintaining your church in good condition.

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Mrs Marleen Madinda

Administrator the Ministry Team (Part-time)

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