Making a difference in Ormesby St Margaret

Published on: 5 May 2021

“We have records showing the last time money was discussed in St Margaret’s was back in 1983, so a review was well overdue!

“St Margaret’s has had a proud record of paying its parish share in full, recently however with rising costs and little in the way of reserves we were starting to struggle financially.

“With the support of our incumbent, The Revd Mandy Bishop, we produced a booklet that simply set out the annual running costs, the expected income and the gap in between that we needed to fill.

“A stewardship Sunday was held with a sermon on ‘10 points for Godly Giving’ and a booklet, envelopes and an example standing order form was available for all church members. Five months later we are starting to see the fruits of our labours.

“Stewardship is not just about asking or even coercing people to give money. It is the way we respond to God’s love and all that he gives us in giving of our time, our talents and our finances. We have seen more people coming forward to serve as Wardens, PCC members, sides persons, fundraisers etc – and yes the number of envelopes in the collection has increased along with additional standing orders.

“Stewardship is not a quick fix – a sticking plaster for a hole in the finances – it is about the way we as Christians respond to what we receive from God.

“Importantly as a parish we are now more open about the finances of our church; I can assure you that ‘Stewardship Sunday’ will be an annual event from now on.”

A better understanding of the finances needed will often be the key to regular giving.


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