Give a card this Christmas

Published on: 5 May 2021

A recent survey produced some interesting (but not unexpected) information.

Sales of greeting cards of all types were showing a rapid decrease particularly with the under 30’s age group, and this is mostly attributed to the digital age where an email, text or a WhatsApp (ask your children about that one) is sent instead of a card.

In the ‘senior’ age group there was also a similar decline in sales and this was put down to the cost of postage stamps. It was noted however that within that age group the number of people with laptops, tablets and iPhones had increased year on year. So for whatever reason we are still communicating but in different ways.

Personally I still like the enjoyment of opening the post on my birthday and other occasions! As part of your Christian mission how do you communicate with those who do not come to church? A parish magazine, newsletter, or a notice in the church porch? What works for one parish may well not work for another.

One parish I know decided many years ago that it would deliver a Christmas card to every house in the locality detailing the times of services along with a Christmas greeting and an assurance of a warm welcome if they attended church. It was not an easy task but one that they managed.

The results were quite amazing and this has now been extended to sending an Easter card as well. Sometimes we just assume that people will know when the services are and you may already be letting people know what’s going on, but if you are keen to try sending a card we are looking in future at producing in bulk such an item – this would be printed and personalised with your times of church services and contact details etc.

The next edition of PCC news will be with you early January and in that will be details of design and costs for an Easter card; if you would like details before then please contact me.

Remember it is often just a small thing that makes someone walk through the church door for the first time.

Geoff Freeman

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