And the truth will set you free

Published on: 1 June 2019

Philip Bell from King's Lynn tells the story of his journey from homelessness to hope.

My journey to faith began when I was homeless. Working life had been good to me and the future looked promising, then suddenly everything changed. I found myself on the street in a town I didn’t know, with no friends or family to call on. Thankfully I was directed to the foodbank and that was where God met me.

Actually, it was the coordinator of the foodbank who met me first! He welcomed me and listened to my story. Each time I visited, he got to know me a bit more. Then one day he invited me to stay temporarily with him, in a house he shared with another guy. Of course, I was delighted.

It turned out they were both Christians and they loved talking about God. I had lots of questions and they were only too pleased to help. We would talk late into the night. Eventually, I went along to church with them. I wasn’t reluctant. It was just that I knew nothing about church; it was an alien environment to me.

Now church is like my family. They have helped me to find a job, advised me on my CV and even bought a suit for me to wear at interviews.

A couple of months later I was baptised. It was winter and we did it outside. It was freezing but I loved every moment of it. Now I attend a weekly life group and my faith is growing. I help at church as often as I can. I live on my own, I support myself and I’ve been in work. Things have changed dramatically.

I’m not saying life isn’t sometimes a struggle. God has set me free, but I still have to do my part day to day. Coming from homelessness isn’t easy and some things hit me harder than others. But if I have any problems, my friends at the church are always there. They are like disciples looking after me.

Not only have my circumstances changed, but I have changed. God has given me patience and confidence. I no longer worry about people judging me. God has set me free.

He is the only one who will judge me. God is my heavenly father and he is with me constantly. I can rely on him and I can trust my future to him. He is my Lord, my father, and he will guide me. My future is in his hands and he will look after me. I put my faith in him.

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