Resources for difficult questions

Saturday 23 March 2019
Jonathan Richardson shares a range of helpful resources to facilitate difficult conversations with teenagers.

As with anything preparation is key. Watch plenty of the online videos and work through the resources with some other youth workers or friends before trying them out on young people. There is nothing worse than being the one who is caught out blushing from embarrassment at a question!



The Road – Short videos tackling questions such as ‘How can you believe in a God when there’s so much suffering in the world?’ ‘Hasn’t science disproved God?’ ‘Isn’t God a kill joy?’

Premier Youth & Children’s Work – Short videos on topics such as ‘Can you prove God exists?’, ‘Is Christianity Sexist?’

Out of the Question – A range of short animations on questions such as ‘What is faith?’


Relationships, Sex and Social Media (available from

Starting conversations with young people around sex and relationships can be hard, but there are plenty of quick and easy ways to get the conversation flowing:

#isitOK?  – Statistics say between 15 and 40 per cent of teenagers are involved with sexting (NSPCC 2016) this resource enables discussions on the appropriateness of online behaviour.

Romance Academy Playing Cards – Each of the four suits represents a topic: Values, Choices, Dilemmas, and Sexual Health.


Mental wellbeing (available from

#WhatIf? – An interactive tool containing four interactive games to help teenagers identify and cope with their own anxious thoughts and feelings.

Talking about Emotions Playing Cards A set of cards covering Understanding Emotions, Coping with Emotions, Expressing Emotions and Emotional Perspectives.

Emoji Dice – A set of six dice that help you talk about feelings with young people – they can be used to help build emotional literacy and tackle faith questions.


Issues Christians Face

RE:Quest – An RE resource website run by Youth for Christ which has a whole section dedicated to ‘Issues Christians Face’ with a range of videos and articles on topics such as ‘Judgment versus Mercy’ and many more on science, politics and ethics.


Mobile Apps

These are useful conversation starters:

Table Talk – gives players an opportunity to explore some of life's big and not-so-big questions, articulate their views, and to engage with the opinions of others. The app gives options for the age of the group and divides questions into categories. Available through the Apple Apps Store or Google Play.

100 Questions – is a really simple-to-use app designed to help you build relationships with young people. The app contains 100 random questions ideal for ice-breaker settings. The questions cover a range of topics including ‘Hopes and dreams’, ‘Beliefs’ and ‘Social justice’. Available for iOS only for use on iPhone/iPad.


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