Forming a Growth Plan

A Guide to forming a new Growth Plan.

We continue, as a diocese, to be Committed to Growth in Discipleship, Service and Numbers. That is our vision and our goal.

The Mission Strategy 2021 is intended to give some assistance to the realization of that goal and the fulfilment of that vision, recognizing always that it is God who gives the growth. Four key work streams have been identified around which support can be offered:


We encourage PCCs to give time to revisiting and refreshing their Growth Plans around these headings and questions.

PCCs may wish to work through them one by one as items for their meetings, so that we keep mission firmly on our agendas.

As ever, it is important to guard against composing long and impressive wish-lists that are too daunting to lead to action, but instead focus on the one or two key things you believe God is asking of us now.

This is not meant necessarily to be about doing more, but may involve rethinking our focus, and so preliminary questions might be:

  • What might God be asking us to move away from or cease doing?
  • Where is God calling us to focus our energy at this time?


Download the full guide below:

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