Various pieces of work emerge from the three priorities within the vision.


  • We will deepen our prayer life and learning and provide a sense of belonging within worship offered in a range of styles for all ages.
  • We will equip people in evangelism to find ways to share their faith during the week and be invitational to others to join the life of their local Church, recognising the particular need to engage with children, young people and families.
  • We will live a life of generous stewardship in response to God’s gifts to us.

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  • We will promote and equip the variety of lay and ordained ministries, knowing that all are invited to hear God’s call and selflessly respond in loving service.
  • We will have honest conversations leading to decisions about the mission potential, viability and ways to ease the burden of our church buildings, many of which are treasured places of holiness, stillness and memory, whilst also exploring new possibilities for planting and nurturing Christian communities.
  • We will encourage every church community and church school to be engaged somehow, often in partnership, in loving service to its local, diocesan and world neighbours.

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  • We will ensure an active priestly or lay worker/enabler presence in our lowest economic communities as we seek to address the growing inequalities in our society.
  • We will seek to become a safe Church for all and one that embraces diversity and radical Christian inclusion.
  • We will work to ensure that ecological concerns are integral to our life together as we care for our single island planet home.

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