Title Posts 2023

After their first phase of training, ordinands need a ‘title post’ to which they will be ordained and in which they will continue their training as a curate.

The following are available to ordinands who have been (or expect to be) released by their home diocese and expect to be ordained in 2023.

You are welcome to make initial contact with the incumbent directly, or for a preliminary conversation with the Bishop’s Officer for Ordinands, please contact the Revd Dr Michael Fox at zvpunry.sbk@qvbprfrbsabejvpu.bet/ 01603 882337.

Clerical, Curacies / 'title posts'

Team Vicar in the Great Yarmouth Team Ministry

Diocese of Norwich

Great Yarmouth

This is a post for a priest who wants to animate the congregational life in the Parish of Great Yarmouth and build valuable links with a wonderful, vibrant church primary school.