Youth & Children’s Forum

Responsible for strategic oversight for children, youth and families work.

Membership of the Forum consists of:

  • Chair (The Bishop of Lynn)
  • Children, Youth & Families Development Manager
  • Children, Youth & Families Project Advisor
  • Clergy member of Diocesan Synod
  • Lay member of Diocesan Synod
  • Children’s Task Force Convener
  • Chair of Horstead Trustees
  • Children, Youth & Families Administrator
  • Diocese of Norwich CEYC Members

The Terms of Reference were agreed by Diocesan Synod as follows:

The Diocesan Youth and Children’s Forum

  1. is accountable to Bishop’s Council and will provide an annual report
  2. will take responsibility for strategic oversight for children, youth and families work
  3. will support the preparation of an annual budget for the Diocesan Children, Youth & Families Work
  4. will monitor the work of the Diocesan Children’s Task Force
  5. will consult with the Diocesan Church of England Council members.

For more information about the Youth Task Force and the Children’s Task Force and their Conveners click here.