Board of Education

The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) promotes religious education and collective worship in schools and promotes and supports Church schools.

It works alongside external education bodies and has a wide range of volunteers who assist the staff in required inspections of collective worship and religious education. The Director of Education also assists governing bodies with the appointment of headteachers.

The Board provides professional advice on inspection, employment and accommodation; organises training seminars for clergy, parishes, teachers and governors; and works in a close partnership with the Childrens’ Services department of the Local Authority. It is responsible for the quality of education provided in Voluntary Aided schools and provides specific support to Special schools.

30% of Norfolk’s schools are church schools, representing more than half of Norfolk’s small schools. These serve 25% of the young people in the Diocese, which is equivalent to four times those who worship in churches.

There are 39 voluntary aided schools in the Diocese, all primary schools except one. The Church appoints the majority of governors and the governing body is responsible for employment of staff, admissions and maintaining and replacing the buildings. The Board is the responsible authority in the preparation for and aftermath of inspections.

There are 40 voluntary controlled schools, all primary school and including three in Suffolk. Each of these has at least two Church governors to safeguard the Christian nature of their collective worship. The Board staff is involved in the appointment of the Head Teacher and is able to give advice on other matters. Their buildings and admission procedures are the responsibility of the Local Authority.

In addition, the DBE supports 1 foundation school and 1 academy, both primary schools.

The Diocese of Norwich Education & Academies Trust (DNEAT) supports 30 academies.

Community schools also have access to advice from DBE staff on collective worship, religious education and spiritual development.