Current Projects

The Bishop’s House Garden Wildlife Audit

Through 2021 we will be working with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to survey the garden’s wildlife. Each month, two volunteer surveyors from the Norfolk Wildlife Trust will visit the garden, in compliance with the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines, to record the birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and some of the invertebrates – in particular the bees and butterflies – using the garden.

The project will culminate in the Norfolk Wildlife Trust ‘Bioblitz Day’, on the 19th of September, where members of the public will come to the garden to learn more about our native wildlife and help with the survey.

The aim of the project is to see what wildlife is currently using the garden, and to use this information to inform changes in the garden’s management to improve the biodiversity of the garden going forward. For further information, please visit the Norfolk Wildlife Trust webpage:

The Bishop’s House Garden wildlife audit – Norfolk Wildlife Trust