A prayer on the death of our Sovereign

A prayer written by Revd Canon Susanna Gunner for public use.

God of the past,
we look back over an extraordinary life,
with immense gratitude,
recognising that, in your servant Elizabeth,
we have witnessed the devoted service
of a remarkable monarch.
Thank you for the figurehead she has been,
and for the stability she has offered
to country and to Commonwealth
in times of peace and plenty,
and in dark and difficult times.
For her easy rapport with all people,
for her wit and wisdom,
and for her inspiring dependence upon you,
we offer you our thanks.

God of all that has been,

Hear our prayer

God of the present,
as we entrust our beloved Queen
into your eternal peace,
we hold in your consoling embrace
those who are mourning her most deeply
and especially her children and grandchildren.
Enfold them in your love, we pray,
and all who are feeling bereft and uncertain
in a markedly changed landscape.
Sharpen our senses to your presence
that in times of bleak sadness
we may find you alongside,
accompanying, steadying, strengthening.

God of all that is,

Hear our prayer

God of the future,
at this time of loss and transition
we pray for the future of our nation
which Queen Elizabeth loved and served
her whole life long.
Strengthen and guide those tasked
with taking her legacy forward –
particularly King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla,
and fill us all at this time of such change
with confidence in you
and in your eternal changelessness.

God of all that will be,

Hear our prayer